Monday, March 27, 2017

Welcome back!
I hope you all had a restful Spring Break!

Just a few things to bring to your attention....

It is Andrea's birthday tomorrow and the Busto family is providing a pizza lunch and cupcakes for our class in order to celebrate it.  If your child does not want to have pizza, please make sure s/he has a lunch tomorrow.  If your child has ordered hot lunch and wants pizza instead, I will send home his/her hot lunch order.

As I mentioned in a previous post, our class is responsible for organizing a whole school prayer service on Holy Thursday (April 13).  I still have to confirm the time with Mr. Yanko, however, this year's prayer services and assemblies have usually been at 9:15am. Again, I will have to confirm this with Mr. Yanko and will then let you know for sure. 

Today your child brought home his/her prayer service part to practice at home.  Please encourage your child to practice every day to build up their fluency and confidence.  These parts do no need to be memorized.  

We have started the Multiplication and Division unit in Math and have also started a new Science unit on Biodiversity.  The students seem excited and interested to learn about both of these!

Thank you again for all your help.  


Read for 20 minutes.
Wear gym strip to school tomorrow.
Practice Prayer Service part.
Return Report Card Cover and envelope tomorrow.

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