Wednesday, January 11, 2017

We are very busy in Grade 3!
We are preparing for the Grandparents Tea that will take place in early February.  As soon as the date has been confirmed I will let all of you know.  Our class will be singing for the grandparents that day. Yesterday the students took home the words for one of the songs they will be singing.  Included on that sheet were the links to the youtube videos for the song (one with lyrics and one instrumental version).  Please encourage your child to practice so that we will sound the best we can be!  In case you need those links, here they are:  (with lyrics)  (instrumental)

The second event we are preparing for is the Speech Arts Festival.  Students are required to prepare at least one selection from the options available to present at our Classroom Audition, but they may prepare more than one if they wish.  Students took home a Speech Arts Festival hand out yesterday. Please refer to it when helping your child choose their selection(s) and for festival details. We will also be preparing a poem as a class to present at the School Speech Arts Festival.  This selection must be memorized.  Students have brought home our class poem today and I ask that you please help your child memorize it.  

Our Classroom Speech Arts Audition will be held on February 9 and the School Speech Arts Festival will be held on February 15.

If you should have any questions, please call me at the school (604-261-4043) or email me at


Read for 20 mins
Practice Grandparents Tea song
Practice for Speech Arts Festival- Feb. 9 & 15

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