Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just a note about our Christmas Concert....

Students are to wear their uniforms to school on Monday morning (Dec. 12) and therefore, the matinee.  However, students may wear whatever they want to the evening performance.

After the matinee performance, I will walk the students back to the school so that they may be picked up from there.  Students will be bringing home their bathrobes, but leaving their crowns at school.

For the evening performance, students are to be brought directly to the Scottish Cultural Centre. Students should arrive at 6:30pm and they should come wearing their bathrobes.  I will give them their crowns there.

At the end of the performance, I ask that you please allow me to bring the students back to the downstairs room.  You may then collect your child from there.  Also, please let me know that you are taking your child so that I may cross him/her off my class list.  This way I can be sure that your child is safe and accounted for.

Thank you for your help.


Read for 20 minutes
Bring library books tomorrow
Memorize song
Bring back report card covers and envelopes- asap
Primary Choir to sing at Aberdeen Centre (leave the school at 12:15pm and return to the school at 2:00pm)

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